Welcome to Custom Cycle Control Systems, Inc
Welcome to Custom Cycle Control Systems, Inc
Welcome to Custom Cycle Control Systems, Inc

SAS-99 Simplified Air Suspension


Softail Air Suspension:  the worlds only internal Compressor Air Ride Suspension for softails!
5-Year Warranty

Lifetime Warranty on Machined Parts!


SAS-99: fits H/D softail models '89-'99 & nearly all After market Softail frames

NEW AND IMPROVED SAS: Softail Air Suspension solves the problems with air rides & simplifies the install. 
You can raise and lower the bike at the touch of a button.  Add extra air to compensate for you passenger, then release some for solo riding. You can also release all the air and park your bike down on the ground.  Adjustable air pressure make for smooth comfortable ride under any condition.  No more bottoming out.     

• Built in compressor
• Cylinder Pistons and Rods are doubled sealed
• Pre set dampening
• Easiest install on the market (no compressor to mount)
• Only 4 switch wires and 4 bolts and the remote air breather to complete the install
• Allows the full 4" of swing arm travel
• Quick connect fitting with improved convenient breather line
• No air lines to deal with or leak
• The pneumatic cylinders eliminate bottoming out
• All mechanical functions are protected in the durable CNC billet machined body
• Remote filtered air breather keeps compressor clean and dry
• All parts are CNC machined billet aluminum
• The main body is hard anodized and warranted for life
• Moving parts are oil-impregnated (permanent lubrication)
• All parts are completely and easily re-buildable
• CCCS offers a 3 year parts replacement warranty

The Benefits of an SAS Air Shock:
• Stay EPA Compliant on stock HD’s by not having to move canisters to make room for an ugly compressor.
• The SAS has an easy operation.  Simply add air to increase firmness and release air to soften up the ride. 
• Machined 6061 billet aluminum housing that is hard anodized for longevity, and durable to protect all mechanical functions inside.
• Pneumatic seals, and top quality O-rings are forever protected, and eliminate leaks.
• Remote filtered air breather allows you to hide the air intake under your seat keeping the unit from ever pulling in contaminated air.
• All Moving parts and bearings are permanently lubricated.
• Adjustable air pressure from 0 to over 250 psi.

The Simplified air suspension offers 3-4" of swing arm travel. At aprox. 150 psi the bike will be fully raised and the suspension will be resting on its piston bumpers at *maximum ride height*, after that your height will not change but you can continue to increase air pressure for improved riding during cornering or with a passenger.  The *maximum ride height* is adjustable during the installation.

5 year warranty 
Lifetime warranty on machined parts!


SAS Filter

This EXCLUSIVE feature ensures that your SAS stays contaminant free. Simply route the hose & filter away from road debris & water, then cut to length. Also included in the kit are extra filters for future use. Only from CCCS, Inc & the SAS.

Attention International Customers

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